"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -Martin Luther King Jr.


I am a proud wife and mother living in New York City. I am a stay at home mom and I teach yoga where I cultivate an environment that fosters acceptance, non-attachment and self-discovery. After two years of traumatic pregnancy loss and complications and a recent diagnosis of a kidney disease known as Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), I am practicing all that I have been teaching.

My husband, Jeffrey and I have fully embraced our road to parenthood. We have accepted that the way we are starting our family is not the way we imagined it. It is not without sadness, nor the mourning of dreams lost that we embrace this acceptance. But, it is because of it that we have our beautiful baby today.

It has been a long journey, often along dark paths and down lonely roads. My intention by creating this blog is to capture my thoughts and feelings along the way and light a path for others whose path to parenthood has been beset by roadblocks. I want to encourage people to explore the darkest depths of their souls; to feel and process grief so that it may lead to stronger, healthier individuals, believing in themselves and knowing there is a reason for this unexpected journey. One day, if not now, it will all come together. When you are finally holding your child it will all make sense.

I hope that you will join me on the road to healing.