Dharma’s Wishing Star

This was such a special moment I could barely wait for! It seems like almost immediately after I found out I was pregnant with Libby and Jeff’s child, I knew I wanted to write a story for the baby. I originally wrote the story in October or November with the idea that my artistic son, Ethan would illustrate it. Thanks to the wonderful artistic inspiration from a wonderful friend, Michelle, Ethan illustrated Dharma’s Wishing Star using collage techniques. He absolutely loved his special time with Michelle and together, they made this book truly come to life. I am so grateful to Michelle for her patience and excitement with Ethan.

Through the process I also decided to find a wonderful way for my younger son, Ryan, to be a part of the story. He hand wrote all the words of Dharma Duckling. Both of my boys are incredibly proud of this book, and the book will always be a treasure for our family as well as the Garnett family.