Let's Get This Party Started

Jeffrey and I have been up in Wareham for the last week. The anticipation of Baby G's arrival has been building with each day, and it kind of feels like we are getting ready to go on a really big vacation.

I have a few very specific things I like to do before I am going away, and particularly if I am going to be flying.  Obviously, starting with packing everything I need, including particulars for a flight-like an eye mask, ear plugs and dramamine.  I like to make sure I talk to my mom on the phone-this usually happens from the airport.  And, of course, I have a warm cup of tea with me, as I board the flight. Everytime I think about making it to the airport on time, my belly drops as I run through my mental to-do list.. Will I make my flight? Do I have everything I need? Did I remember to hide surprise love notes around our apt for Jeffrey? (Yes, I really do that)

Similarly, every time I even think of making it to the hospital in time, my belly drops. Every time the phone rings, I get anxious...Do I have the baby's bag ready? Is the car seat installed correctly?  Is our camera battery charged? Did we finish reading our birthing and parenting books? And, every time I think of holding our baby for the first time and looking into his/her eyes I get butterflies in my stomach...and tears in my eyes. This is the MOST important and exciting trip we will ever take in our lives, with the most important person that we have know our entire lives, but whom we have yet to meet!

The anticipation is building and we are all anxious and excited. We have an appt with Louise tomorrow but in the meantime we are pulling out all the stops to try to induce labor!

Starting with getting pedicures yesterday morning....The first color I picked happened to be called "Pink Friday!"  We both just looked at each other and started laughing.  Stephanie asked me not to get that pink and we looked for something else called pink or blue Monday, but no such luck!


Working acupressure points that are known to induce labor. Stephanie's friend Jill is a massage therapist and has been giving her weekly massages. She had a list of all the best points to press.

Today started out with a massage that I gave Stephanie. Baby G appeared to enjoy it too, as he/she was moving around like crazy...sticking his butt out, kicking his little feet.

Bump day photos from weeks 38 and 39....

And here is one from today....Baby G dropped before my very eyes! Or maybe it's me seeing what I want to see ;)

What a journey it's been so far, and we haven't even boarded our flight yet!