The Court Has Ruled!

The Probate and Family Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has ruled in favor of the plaintiffs!

I received a scanned copy of the judgment today and official copies are on the way to us, the hospital, Department of Public Health and the Registrar of Vital Records and Statistics.

I have to admit I was beginning to feel a little bit anxious as I had not heard anything back from the lawyer after she was supposed to check in with the court regarding a hearing date over a week ago.  As I was reading the Birth Partner during vacation last week, and understanding all of the circumstances that may lead to an early delivery or a rushed trip to the hospital and regardless, all of the things expecting parents and the birth mother needed to prepare, I was regretting we hadn't started this much earlier on.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief now!

It turns out that the lawyer was able to schedule our complaint for review last Tuesday.  Since then she has missed several days of work due to a dog bite that worsened and did not have a chance to prepare the paperwork and inform us.  It's a strange coincidence.  While on a run last week in Mexico I was chased by a very angry and sick-looking wild dog.  Fortunately, I out ran him ;)