Big Baby G!

by intendedmamma

As you will be able to see from the video below, Baby G is a genius.  JUST KIDDING…I promise we won’t be “those” parents,  but it was fascinating to see our beautiful baby putting on a show for us yesterday at our 20-week ultrasound appointment!

Weighing in at a whopping 13 ounces (apparently 10oz is about average at 20 gestational weeks) Baby G, who I think already resembles Jeffrey, was yawning, drinking amniotic fluid, blowing kisses (at least it looked like that to me), sucking her thumb, and she even tried to stick her foot in her mouth!  I was lucky enough to get some of the action on camera.

Insert: 20 Week Ultrasounds video

Taking after her Daddy, Baby G promptly fell asleep after the big show.  And as Stephanie pointed out, she can bring her foot all the way up to her face just like I can!  She or He is already a little yogi…

At the end of our appointment the technician shared that her daughter is a surrogate for her son…keeping one family’s dreams alive, just as Stephanie is doing for us. We are so blessed!