Only Rumors – We’re Going to Be Surprised!

by Intended Daddy

A few people asked today if we were expecting a boy because of the pronouns I used in my last post.  As the technician told us yesterday, it’s easier to stick with boy when describing the baby during the exam to avoid accidentally revealing the sex.  We have no intention of finding out until we can see with our own eyes.  As often as you hear me say he and his, you’ll probably hear Elizabeth say she and hers.

I was not tempted to ask yesterday because I really do want to be surprised.  I am going to be thrilled to be a daddy to a boy or a girl and I see no reason I need to know now.  I am also accustomed by now to the inevitable question at yesterday’s exam because we’ve had the opportunity to know since Baby G’s embryo was created almost a year ago.  Although the primary purpose of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is to avoid miscarriage to genetic disease, many characteristics including sex are known when the blastocyst is formed and tested at 5 days.  During every step of our journey it has become habit to say “We don’t want to know!”