Proud Daddy!

by Intended Daddy

Yesterday afternoon we had the 19 week ultrasound postponed from last Wednesday.  I was nervous and excited but ready for our biggest moment so far.  Because Stephanie was still feeling under the weather we canceled plans to spend the day with her.  We arrived at Stephanie’s house with plenty of time to spare.

It was great to see Stephanie, Nathan and their kids.  I never want to forget that two families are involved in this journey.  I know it’s been tough for Stephanie to be a mom, wife and gestational carrier – and sick to top it off.  Elizabeth and I were happy to arrive with a little gift bag for Stephanie: sugar donuts, some great maternity clothes and a stork ornament.  The distance between us has felt healthy so far – close enough to reach her by car for critical exams and visits but far enough that we aren’t inviting ourselves over.  But knowing that she’s been sick for the last few days we wished we were closer to lend a helping hand.

We were told to expect up to an hour and a half for the anatomy exam yesterday but it was over in about 30 minutes.  Baby G is an active person!  During the ultrasound, as the technician took measurements of his limbs and organs, he was moving around a lot: kicking his legs, sucking on his thumb and drinking amniotic fluid!  It was so beautiful to see the movements inside the womb that we observe in newborn babies.  He is developing very well!  Based on the measurements of his limbs and head his approximate weight is 13 ounces – about 2-3 more than average for a 19-20 week baby.

I am feeling so relieved now.  I am also a very proud daddy this morning!