So HOW does this work????……

January 25, 2014 · by stchurch77

Being the recipient of many kind comments when they find out I am carrying Baby Garnett is wonderful, but honestly sometimes feels overwhelming. It is certainly odd to receive recognition when the real story that should be focused on is Libby and Jeff’s.

But of course there are also a few hysterical encounters I have had telling people who are unfamiliar with surrogacy, IVF, and maybe even the basics of conception……

When I was about 10 weeks along, I wanted to formally tell my job that I was pregnant in person and briefly explain the circumstances. I asked to meet with my supervisor who does not work in my building at school. We talked shop for a few minutes, and then I told him I had something personal to tell him. He immediately and excitedly said ‘YOU ARE PREGNANT’. I immediately said ‘Yes I am, but…..’ and I told him I was being a surrogate for a close friend, that the baby is theirs. He was confused, I told him that the embryo was made of their sperm and egg and I asked him if he had ever heard of IVF. He said ‘yes they do that in Europe’, which was a start.

A minute later, he said, ‘Wait, wait, I am not trying to get too personal, but how did that work? DID HER HUSBAND COME TO YOUR HOME?’ I held back my laughter and said no, the sperm was taken from Jeff and the egg from Libby. He added….so wait, a woman can just have a baby whenever she wants? (Not exactly)…..So if I want another baby, we could do this (also not exactly given the fact that he is 70 years old).

That might be the funniest reaction any of us encounter…..maybe.