Surrogacy through the eyes of children

by stchurch77

Over the past few months, we have had some funny and heartfelt moments with our children……..

  • One surprising thing when we first told the kids….I contacted Ethan’s teacher to let her know we told them in case anything came up at school (like ‘my mom is having a baby and it’s not my dad’s’ or ‘my mom is having a baby and giving it away’). I was worried that although they seemed to understand and accept my pregnancy at home, that they might have had some questions or concerns that they might bring up at school. She replied via email that he didn’t mention a word about the surrogacy, but immediately told her about the new ducklings my husband came home with and that I was not happy about his surprise.

  • I am an elementary teacher, and of course I will not share the details of my pregnancy with my students. One of my students noticed I was pregnant before Christmas vacation and said ‘Mrs. Church I hope Santa brings you a baby’ (I was 15 weeks at the time)

  • Before I really started showing, Ryan kissed my chest to say hi to the baby because he thought the baby was ‘in my boobies.’

  • Ryan wants to know if he can start calling me a big fat baby because I am big (tall) fat (pregnant belly) and I am having a baby.

  • Ethan felt the baby move for the first time the other day and said ‘wow I am surprised I can feel the baby move because it doesn’t have legs yet’.

  • And today at Toys R Us….

The cashier noticed my belly and said to Ethan ‘Are you having a baby sister or a baby brother?’ Ethan responded, ‘Neither, it is a baby for my mom’s friend. My mom is being a surrogate.’ (I was shocked he remembered the word since I have never heard him say it before). She said ‘I’ve seen that on TV but I have never met anyone in person that is a surrogate. That is the nicest gift you could ever give to a person.’ Ethan responded ‘I know’ (his typical response to many things he doesn’t really know but thinks he does). She then looked at me and very seriously said ‘God is going to bless you.’ He also responded ‘I know.’

All sweet moments that remind me of the innocence of children.