Healing My Mind, Healing My Kidneys: How I Overcame a Diagnosis

Four years ago this month, I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). At the time, I had never even heard of Kidney Disease. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment. That was the moment I was told I could not carry a child. That was the moment my dreams were taken away from me. I was scared and devastated and I had no idea how this diagnosis was going to change my life.

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Moving Forward After Pregnancy Loss

I have heard it said that the only thing stronger than fear is hope.

This saying really speaks to me, but it’s a very hard concept to hold when you are in the middle of a miscarriage and there is absolutely nothing that you can possibly do to stop it or change it. And it is near impossible to be pregnant after a loss and not be worried that it might happen again. You wait for every single milestone - starting with your first few pregnancy hormone levels, to the heartbeat, to graduating into the second trimester, and so on…

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