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Kula means community in sanskrit. One goal of Our Pea is to build a community so that those that have traveled down an unexpected path to parenthood can help those just starting out. You will always be notified before any connections are made and will also have the opportunity to opt-out at anytime.
Before your journey to parenthood began, how would you describe yourself? What types of things do you like to for fun? What do you do for work?
Are you married/do you have a partner? Did you have friends or family that you relied on for support? We're there friends or family, events or circumstances that you chose to avoid during this period?
How did you meet? How long you have been together? When did you decide to start a family? How would you describe your relationship prior to embarking on your journey?
We recognize that we are asking you to reflect on and share a very vulnerable time in your life. Each experience has highs and lows and we are asking you to share these with us in an effort to help others. I have been through miscarriage several times and I know how hard it is to talk about it. If it's possible, please share all that you can. We are hoping in doing so you will find it as a way to continue to heal.
Did you experience Infertility? Have you suffered losses? Did you use Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs)? Did you practice any holistic approaches and/or nutritional strategies? Can you share how you got through the difficult times? If there were times when you thought you wanted to stop trying what or who kept you motivated?
How has your journey changed you as a person, parent, partner, friend? How has your journey changed your relationship with your partner? Knowing what you know now would you do anything differently? Can you share some of the positive things your learned from your experience? Do you have any regrets?

With gratitude.