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About Rachel Zinman

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008. At first, the doctors weren’t sure whether it was type 1 or 2 as I wasn’t a typical candidate for either type of diabetes. But now I am an insulin dependant type 1 LADA diabetic. I started yoga when I was 17 in high school and by the age of 19 I was hooked. When I started Yoga it was to help my dance career but eventually, as my practice progressed I became passionate about the deeper aspects of yoga and its ability to heal and inspire. 30  years later I still practice passionately and have been teaching nationally ( in Australia) and internationally since 1992. I am also a mother, a musician, a writer and amateur film maker.

My blog is all about supporting people who live with diabetes to thrive with yoga. My new book on Yoga for Diabetes is being released in October 2017 with My articles on Yoga and Diabetes have been featured in A Sweet Life, Insulin Nation, Beyond Type 1, Diabetes Daily, Diabetes Daily Grind, Diabetes Counselling online, Diabetes Alive, Verandah Magazine , Yoga Trail, Yoga4tv  Mind Body Green and DoYouYoga and most recently in the #1 Bestseller , Unleash your Inner Diabetes Dominator. My blog was also listed as one of the best blogs for January 2016 by Diabetesmine and featured in Low Carb Magazine as one of the best blogs in their April 2017 issue. My forthcoming book on Yoga for Diabetes, how to manage your health with yoga and ayurveda is due for publication in October 2017 with Monkfish Publishing and released by Consortium for international distribution. Check out my book tour schedule here.

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