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Jessica Jackson

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IVF and Surrogacy at age 24

My husband Frank and I got married in May 2016 and it was amazing! We were so incredibly happy on that day and I was so excited to start our lives together.

After going on our honeymoon in Greece, I had an appointment set up to see an IVF specialist even though I am only 24 years old. I already knew I had a rare mass (possibly a uterine AVM) in my uterus and would need help getting pregnant. Our Reproductive Endocrinologist is awesome and I really trust him and his opinion. He sent us to see a high risk Obstetrician and an Interventional Radiologist to see if I should get pregnant with the mass or if there was a way to try to remove it.

The high risk Obstetrician told us that we would be able to get pregnant with the mass and we would be closely monitored, but that it should not be a problem. I left the doctor's office feeling great and so hopeful for the future! However, a few days later the interventional radiologist had completely different news and told us that we should not get pregnant at all. I couldn't understand how there were such differing opinions and after talking to each other, the high risk Obstetrician and our Reproductive Endocrinologist told us we should not carry because of the radiologist's opinion. They are worried that my uterus could rupture. I was devastated and cried and cried.

After meeting with our RE again, he told us about gestational surrogacy. We dove in head first, looking up all of our options and researching agencies. We started saving all the money we could and still are trying to finance our journey. We have met with an agency who we love and have gone through one round of IVF, creating 3 embryos. We will have another round of IVF soon so that we create all the embryos we would want when we are matched and ready to move forward with a surrogate.

Frank and I are truly in this together and we are really happy to have found a way to move forward, although it will not be easy. Even though I am not at the end of our journey, I'm hoping to spread some hope to those who are in need of a surrogate, especially because of my age. We are one of the youngest couples my agency has ever seen and it's so important to me that people don't suffer in silence because they are young and "have time." I'm very lucky that I was brave enough to pursue an IVF specialist right away and got an appointment as my very first step. I know that Frank and I will become parents in our own way and it will be amazing! I have started my own blog as well if anyone would like to follow along on my journey more in depth:

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